Author Mike X Welch


The emergence of the unconscious opposite in the course of time. This characteristic phenomenon practically always occurs when an extreme, one-sided tendency dominates conscious life; in time an equally powerful counter position is built up which first inhibits the conscious performance and subsequently breaks through the conscious control.”   - Dr. Carl Jung – Psychological Types

Enantiodromia is the title of my forthcoming collection of short stories. Currently, there are six tales of varying lengths - more about them below. The collection will be completed in early 2020 and made available on Amazon immediately after. Visit this page often for updates, excerpts from the stories, and more!

Featured Stories:

Turning of the Bones - A lost spirit in Madagascar seeks to guide his descendants to his body so he can finally be free.

Pawn - A man who has been dating a single mother of two young children for a month must face his fears to help guide them all safely through a burgeoning zombie apocalypse in Boise, Idaho.

The First and Last Drink of Ilona Odd - A recovering alcoholic waits at a tavern in order to pay off a hit man. But there are more spirits around than just those behind the bar.

You Might Get It - A drunk and grieving widower has his wish fulfilled when his recently deceased wife knocks on the front door.

Tuesdays with Moran’d’arth - Sandy Kavanaugh is a world-renowned horror author with millions of dollars and a loving family. So why is he so miserable? Is it the ageless demon in his barn?

Peta Babkama Luruba - A Babylonian slave recounts the events that led to her emancipation - over 4,000 years ago.



            Cover image by Joel Spring